The Trident series of Electromagnetic Transmitters have been developed by Propipe Limited for use with pipeline pigs for identification, tracking and locating.

Trident transmitters produce high power, efficient waveforms at a range of frequencies (10-40Hz). Transmitters are programmable using Bluetooth technology, without the requirement to open the unit.

Parameters such as; Output Power, Frequency & Pulse Rate can be programmed to optimise the transmitter for a specific pipeline/project.

Standard features

  • Composite High Pressure Housing
  • Fully Programmable via Bluetooth
  • High Power, Efficient Signal
  • Complete with Mounting Flange

Mounting / activation

Trident Transmitters come complete with a dedicated mounting system ensuring safe and secure fitment to the pipeline pig. Activation of the signal is achieved upon setup of the transmitter. Options for pressure switch & water contact start are available.

Smart transmission

Propipe Trident Transmitters can also be incorporated into other products providing a dual rate transmission. The transmitter is connected to the product through a cable and can provide a switching function, which automatically changes the transmission rate.




Trident 500 Topside EM Receiver
Trident D200 EM Receiver Data Sheet