Trident SMART Gauge

Trident Smart Gauge

The Trident SMART Gauge System allows the condition of a pipeline to be assessed without the need to recover the pig from the subsea receiver, saving significant time and costs during pipelay operations. 

Trident Single Hit SMART Gauge

The SMART gauge system is designed to be fitted to a standard bi-directional pig, enhancing the gauging capability. 

Trident SMART gauge is available with acoustic or EM operation and can be detected using DeepBlue Subsea ROV Receiver OR other detection equipment from the Trident range.

Range of Trident SMART Gauge 

  • Standard Acoustic SMART Gauge - Conventional Gauge Plate [Single Hit]
  • Standard Electromagnetic SMART Gauge - Conventional Gauge Plate [Single Hit]
  • Multi-Diameter Electromagnetic SMART Gauge - Hinged Gauge Plate [Multi-Hit]
  • Through-Wall Communication (EM)
  • Multiple SMART Gauge Plates linked to ONE system (Acoustic & EM) [Single Hit]
  • Leak Detection (EM)

For more technical information please download our data sheet.

Trident SMART Gauge