Trident S3000 Subsea Pig Signaller

Trident S3000 Subsea Pig Signaller

Trident S3000 PigSig is a stand-alone subsea magnetic pig signaller, designed to detect the passage of pipeline pigs carrying either rare-earth magnets OR electromagnetic signalling devices. Pig passages are logged with a time and date that can be viewed on the units high visiblity subsea display by operating the ROV switch.

Trident SMART Gauge

The S3000 PigSig is suitable for down to 3000m and for use on pipelines with heavy wall thickness and also Pipe-in-Pipe applications. Detection speed ranges from 0.01m/s to greater than 10m/s. The detection capabilities vary depending on pig speed, pipeline diameter, wall thickness and background magnetic noise, however the S3000 uses digital filtering to ensure high reliability and reduced false-readings.

It is recommended that pigs are fitted with rare earth magnets (neodymium iron boron) to maximise magnetic signal. When used in conjunction with Trident electromagnetic transmitters, individual pigs within a train can be coded so they can be individually identified, with (up to 3-channel) identification of EM frequencies. 

OPTIONS: The S3000 PigSig can be interfaced with a Trident Acoustic Pinger, Ethernet cable or Subsea Strobe to remotely signal the passage of a pig. In addition, pipeline cradles (6” to 56”) can be supplied to assist deployment and operations.

Key Features

  • Detects rare-earth magnets & electromagnetic devices
  • Pig Detection: displays the frequency of the EM devices that have passed
  • Rechargeable Unit (Li-ion Battery Pack)
  • ROV Switch & Handles 
  • Optional interfaces (Acoustic, Strobe & Cabling) 
  • Safety PRV - Internal 10PSI Over Pressure

For more information please download our technical data sheet.