Trident EM transmitter

Trident EM Transmitters

The Trident series Electromagnetic Transmitters have been developed by Propipe Limited for use within pipeline pigs for identification, tracking and locating. Trident transmitters produce high power, efficient waveforms at a range of frequencies, from 10Hz to 30Hz. 

Trident EM Transmitters

All Trident transmitters are programmable using Bluetooth technology, without the requirement to open the unit.

Parameters such as: Power Output, Frequency & Pulse Rate can be programmed to optimise the transmitter for a specific pipeline/project. Options for pressure switch & water contact start are also available. 

Each transmitter houses an onboard Data Logger which can measure Acceleration and Gyro as standard, options for Pressure and Temperature logging are also available. 

Standard Features

  • Composite High Pressure Housing
  • Fully Programmable via Bluetooth
  • High Power, Efficient Signal
  • Onboard Data Logger
  • Complete with Mounting Flange

SMART Transmission

Propipe Trident Transmitters can also be incorporated into other products providing a dual rate transmission. The transmitter is connected to the product via a cable and can provide a switching function, which automatically changes the transmission rate or frequency.

For more information please download our technical data sheet.

Trident EM Transmitter