Trident DeepBlue ROV EM Receiver

Trident DeepBlue ROV Combined Receiver

Trident DeepBlue is the world's ONLY High Resolution Digital ROV subsea pig tracking receiver. It is also unique in that it can detect both Acoustic & Electromagnetic pig tracking devices.

Trident DeepBlue ROV Combined Receiver

This ability to perform both conventional types of pig tracking with one unit, allows for reduced ROV installation time and complexity.

Data from the DeepBlue is transmitted through the ROV multiplexer via Ethernet (or RS232) to the surface for real-time analysis. This realtime data is analysed by using the Trident PigView software giving the ability to detect multiple pigs on multiple frequencies. 


The Trident DeepBlue can capture signals by using any ONE (or ALL) of the following instruments:

  1. Trident 410 Directional Acoustic Hydrophone
  2. Trident 430 Omni-Directional Acoustic Hydrophone
  3. Trident 510 Electromagnetic Antenna

Key Features

  • Combined Acoustic & EM detection in ONE unit
  • World's ONLY Digital ROV Receiver
  • Supports both Ethernet & RS232 in ONE unit
  • Digital Processing for Multiple Pig Tracking
  • Safety PRV - Internal 10PSI Over Pressure

For more information please download our technical data sheet.

Trident DeepBlue ROV Acoustic Receiver