Trident 400 Topside Acoustic Receiver

Trident 400 Topside Acoustic Receiver

The Trident 400 Receiver system is a portable digital acoustic receiver designed to detect all frequencies from 10kHz to 50kHz. The receiver provides a simple user interface and an enhanced acoustic signal output. Digital filtering provides the ability to isolate individual pigs (within 1kHz) and increased distance detection due to reduced background noise.

Trident 400 Topside Acoustic Receiver

The Trident 400 receiver has been developed to meet the harsh operating conditions associated with offshore marine environment. As standard the receiver comes complete with an Omni-directional Hydrophone, Tablet and 50m Cable suited for deployment over the side of a vessel.

Data from the receiver can be viewed and recorded using Trident PigViewRT software.

For more information please download our technical data sheet.

Technical Specification

Housing Material: Composite

Length: 250.0mm (inc. mooring)

Diameter: 70.0mm (main housing)

Weight: 3.5kg

Operating Frequency: 10kHz to 50kHz

Operating Temperature Range: -40°C to +70°C

Power Supply: Power over Ethernet