Pig Loader

Pig Handling

Pig handling equipment for both offshore and onshore operations in both hydraulic and mechanical form

Mobile Trolley

Propipe pig handling equipment is used for a wide variety of applications, from loading of precommissioning pigs into subsea launchers, as well as operational maintenance operations. Propipe can supply modified tools to handle all pig types and also to suit safe back-loading into subsea PLR’s as well as onshore Pig Launchers. 

Propipe supplies pig loading and handling equipment for a variety of applications: - 

  • Loading / Retrieval Arm
  • Launching / Receiving Cassette
  • Loading / Removal Tool

Pig Loading / Retrieval Arm

are simple, solid or sectioned push rods that can be used with a fork-lift or manually to engage the pig in the launcher neck-pipe or also used for pig retrieval, with a suitable hook. These are also designed for diver and ROV subsea use. 

Pig Launching and Receiving Cassettes

provide safe receipt or launching of pigs in vertical permanent pig launchers and receivers and also where there is a risk that pigs may travel down bypass nozzles and into process equipment. They are ideal where pigs are to be received into sphere-receivers, where the pig may stop well short of the closure door. Cassettes also provide a good method to remove collected debris from the receiver, without the need to reach inside (as the cassette may be removed, as a full cassette or sections). 

Pig Loading and Removal Tools

Using a hydraulic ram and sectioned push-rods, this pig loading system is designed to provide safe, easy loading of pigs without the need for heavy mechanical machinery.

Propipe has produced numerous special designs, each tailored to the particular application and project. Mating flanges for loading trays can be supplied to fit against all joint types, from ANSI flanges through to Compact flanges and Yolk-Type connections. Designs using polyurethane or steel gripper jaws can also be provided where only field joints are present.

Loading tools can be provided with height-adjustment, mobility wheels and can also be fitted with a winch and cable system to allow removal of pigs from subsea laydown heads and onshore pig receivers.

Standard Features – Loading / Recovery Tool

  • Manufactured from Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel 
  • Mounting flange or interface flange to suit pipeline end feature
  • Double-acting hydraulic ram c/w 1m stroke length as standardPower supplied by air/hydro or electric/hydro pump
  • Sectioned push rods using hammer-union connectors
  • Static frame or height-adjustable with or without wheels
  • Can be supplied for multiple pig sizes with adaptor spools and trays
Pig Pulling Tools