High Friction Isolation Pig

High Friction Pig

High Friction Pigs are low pressure barrier pigs for pipeline isolation and sealing applications

High Friction Sealing Pig

Propipe High Friction Pigs are primarily used to provide a low-pressure, high seal isolation of pipelines, during maintenance intervention work, as well as during pipelay flooding and dewatering. They can be sized from 8” up to 48” and are able to be run up to 5km or 10km prior to use and over 600km after use as well as through features such as Wyes, Unbarred Tees and Check Valves. Pigs are suitable for safe back-loading into subsea PLRs as well as onshore Pig Launchers.

High Friction Pigs are also highly effective dewatering pigs and have been used for this application as well as for alternative applications such as stuck-pig removal and cable feed applications

In many instances, especially where divers / operators are expected, Propipe will produce a short pigging spool and perform verification testing prior to finalisation of the pig design.

Standard Features

Metallic parts from Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel (High Tensile Bolts c/w Locking Nuts and sealing caps or flanges) 

Pigging Discs – High Grade Polyurethane Elastomer
(10 x Sealing Disc and 2 x Guiding Disc minimum)

Polyurethane Bumper Noses c/w Bypass Slots

Minimum Bend Radius 3D

Optional Features

Mounting for Trident EM or Acoustic Pig Tracking Device

Long Run Support / Guide Discs

Neodymium Magnet Packs for scale collection or detection

Pressure Ability

Minimum 1 bar per pig – can be up to 5 to 10 bar if accounting for flip pressure and depending upon line size, conditions and direction of pressure

Bore Passing

Up to 5% bore restrictions (greater with changes in disc configuration)

High Friction Disc Pack