Pull Thru Gauge

Gauge Plates

Gauge plates can be simple aluminium discs or electronic SMART types

Gauge Pig

Pipeline gauging detects any internal restrictions and gives indicative results as to whether the pipeline is geometrically correct. Gauging is typically achieved by fitting a pig with an aluminium plate, sized proportionally to the minimum internal diameter of the pipeline.

The gauge plate is mounted in amongst the wear discs of the pig, in such a position that will ensure that the sealing and guiding discs cannot come into contact with the pig and that the gauge plate won’t contact the pipeline due to pig dynamics (or poor positioning of the gauge plate for bend passage)

Gauge plates are supplied in several forms, from a simple aluminium or steel disc to complex multi-hit SMART gauge systems. Propipe is able to supply for all applications: - 

  • Pull-thru spool / PLET / bend gauging
  • Subsea precommissioning gauging
  • Pre-inspection pipeline proving

Standard Gauge Plate

  • Standard gauge plate is from aluminium 
  • Can be supplied with polyurethane coating (for internally coated pipelines)
  • Slots added to allow easy deflection 
  • Rear ‘stress’ groove can provide clearer indication (as promoted linear deflection)
  • Supplied from 3mm to 12mm plate
  • 45° leading edge chamfer fitted to all
  • Hard-stamped with OD

SMART Gauge Plate

Part of the Trident pig tracking range, the SMART gauge plate is an advance of the standard simple gauge plate. This SMART system allows the gauge plate to be tied to a SMART EM transmitter (or acoustic pinger) so that any damage to the gauge plate will cause a change within the output signal of the pig tracking device.

For example, a SMART gauge plate is attached to a 15Hz Trident EM transmitter. If the gauge plate detects a defect, the transmitter will record this event and will switch the output signal from 15Hz to 30Hz. The output signal can be detected and information relayed before the pig has to be recovered. 

Multi-Hit SMART Gauge

The latest advance of the Trident SMART gauge allows gauging of a multi-diameter system using a special hinged gauge plate system. With this arrangement the conventional gauge plate is removed and replaced with gauge ‘arms’ or segments, which are allowed to deflect through the sections of the pipeline. The on-board logging system can determine what is happening and will transmit the ‘safe’ signal once the pig is received.

Smart Gauge