Foam Disc Pig

Foam Disc Pigs

Bi-directional or multi-diameter foam disc pigs are suitable for all applications and uses

Foam Disc Pig

Propipe foam disc pigs are designed to be used in any pipeline application where metal-bodied pigs are not suited or desired. The non-metallic construction of the foam disc pigs allows safe use in coated pipeline and pipelines using exotic materials such as what is found within a flexible umbilical. Other applications include cleaning of spools and other onshore pipework sections prior to installation. The foam disc pig can accommodate up to 20% bore restrictions and dual diameter designs are available.

Pig Design

Pigs are constructed around a core body of polyurethane elastomer. This provides strength for the pig, preventing excessive flex or nose-diving under load. The discs of the pig are cast from medium density or heavy density polyurethane foam and then coated with polyurethane elastomer. The resulting pig provides excellent flooding and dewatering ability, coupled with low loading and running force. These foam disc pigs can be designed from 4” up to 36” pipelines.

Optional Features

  • Nylon ropes for retrieval
  • Monkeys fist for ROV retrieval 
  • Neodymium Magnet packs for scale collection or detection
  • Housing for small EM pig tracking devices 
  • Isotope housings 
  • Gauge plates Multi-diameter designs
  • Extended length wye pigging
Subsea pig receipt