Brush Materials

Brush Data

Brushes are useful cleaning tools for removal of scale, sand or hard wax deposits

Brush Materials

A Brush Cleaning Pig is used for cleaning the internal wall of pipelines to remove debris. There are two main styles of brush:

  • Circular Brush; typically fitted from 4”-16” but available up to Ø950mm.
  • Pads and Segments; fitted from 18” and above

The quantity and arrangement of brushes are determined by the diameter of the pig and client requirements, but all Brush pigs are designed to provide 360° internal pipewall cleaning. Circular brushes are mounted within the disc pack of the pig using bolts. Block brushes are attached to spring arms which are arranged in overlapping bands to provide 360° coverage. 

Brush Manufacturing

All Propipe brushes are manufactured in-house by a specially developed machine. Brush cores are designed to be easily and securely mounted to pigs. Bristles are assembled using the following methods:

1. Punch Filled

Holes are drilled in the brush back and then tufts of material are doubled over and ‘punched’ into these holes with a round steel wire staple securing them. 

2. Resin Set

The brush core has a deep recess and the bristles (which are usually crimped to ensure a secure fixing) are held in purely by the resin that fills the recess in the brush core.

Brush Materials

Brush Materials



95°A Polyurethane



Stainless Steel (304 / 316)Carbon Steel
Tinned Wire


0.1 – 0.5mm (0.38mm Standard)