Articulated pigs

Articulated Pigs

Dual or Triple-Module Pigs for passage of Wyes, Valves or other pipeline features

Articulated pigs

Articulated pigs are typically designed to pass pipeline wye connections whilst also negotiating tight bend radii. They are also used to pass oversized features (such as ball valves or connector hubs). This type of pig is also highly efficient in long run dewatering/flooding operations as well as dual-diameter applications.

Propipe articulated pigs are used for a wide variety of applications, from flood, clean and gauging operations onto dewatering, as well as operational maintenance operations.

Propipe pig configurations can be modified to run in dual diameter and multi-diameter pipelines as well as through features such as Wyes, Unbarred Tees and Check Valves. Pigs are suitable for safe back loading into subsea PLRs as well as onshore Pig Launchers. 

Articulated pigs have been designed and ran in excess of 700km through a 36” dry, uncoated pipeline. 

Standard Features

  • Metallic parts from Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel (High Tensile Bolts c/w Locking Nuts) 
  • Articulation joints using high tensile wire plus polyurethane spacer joint or universal-type 
  • Pigging Discs – High Grade Polyurethane Elastomer (4 x Sealing Disc and 2 x Guiding Disc minimum)
  • Polyurethane Bumper Noses c/w Bypass SlotsCan be disc, cup or wheeled support type
  • Minimum Bend Radius 3D minimum (1.5D specials available)

Optional Features

  • Cleaning Brushes (Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel or Nylon)
  • Slotted or Grooved Guide Discs (for diameter changes or wax scraping) 
  • Dewaxing / Descaling Pads (with plough blades or descaling studs)
  • Gauging Plates (Standard or Trident SMART)
  • Mounting for Trident EM or Acoustic Pig Tracking Device
  • Long Run Support / Guide Discs
  • High Seal / High Friction layoutJetting / Bypass Nozzles for debris flushing and blockage prevention
  • Neodymium Magnet Packs for scale collection or detection
Articulated pigs