From our northeast England site, Propipe have full design, manufacture and testing facilities. These services, and a network of highly responsive sub-suppliers within the area support Propipe to provide market-leading response times to meet all project schedules.

Propipe has positioned itself directly for the supply of pipeline pigs and this singular focus ensures that all product development and manufacturing is entirely concentrated in one direction, providing clients with the very best product and service. A dedicated test facility allows full proof testing prior to offshore operations, giving clients’ security and also allowing an accurate prediction on pig performance.

Every pipeline pig supplied by Propipe is designed specifically to suit the clients’ pipeline and Propipe does not provide ‘standard’ catalogue products. Supply scope covers all types of pipeline pigs, from foam pigs, disc pigs and cup pigs and on to more complex articulated, multi-diameter and wheeled pigs. Pigs are made to run a few kilometres up to distances in excess of 800 km.

Applications regularly covered: -

  • Flooding
  • Cleaning
  • Gauging (Standard and Smart Gauge)
  • Dewatering
  • Batching
  • Production Cleaning

Each pig has its own function and can feature several key components.  Common amongst these features are: -

  • Dual-Diameter Capability
  • Multi-Diameter Capability
  • Check Valve Passage
  • Articulated Dual-Module Design
  • Magnetic Signalling and Ferrous Debris Collection
  • Wye Passing
  • Metallic or Nylon Brushing Elements (Circular or Sprung Mounted)
  • High Friction Pipeline Isolation
  • De-waxing / Descaling Pads
  • Polyurethane Bumper Noses
  • Tracking Device Housings
  • Long Run / Low Wear Polyurethane Components
  • Stainless Steel Metallic Parts
  • Spring-Mounted Support Wheels
  • Pluggable Bypass Ports and Jetting Heads
  • Smart Gauging Tool
  • Environmental Logging Tool


Brush Materials
Brush Materials
Jetting head assembly

Wax pigs are carefully designed to safely remove wax without risk of blockage

Dual-Diameter and Multi-Diameter Pigs

Custom-designed pigs for dual-diameter or pipelines with multiple ID changes

All-PU pig

Pigs designed to be used in subsea flexible pipelines and risers with rough or smooth bores

Jetting Nozzles

Propipe Bypass Jetting Pigs are highly effective for sand, scale and wax cleaning

Brush Materials

Brushes are useful cleaning tools for removal of scale, sand or hard wax deposits

Gauge Pig

Gauge plates can be simple aluminium discs or electronic SMART types

Magnet Technical Data

Magnets are used for collection of ferrous debris and also for signalling with the Trident S3000 Pig Sig

Articulated pigs

Dual or Triple-Module Pigs for passage of Wyes, Valves or other pipeline features

Bi-Di Disc Pigs

Bi-directional Disc Pigs are the mainstay of most pigging operations worldwide 

Cup Pigs

Propipe Cup pigs are used for a wide variety of operational maintenance operations.

Cup Pigs509.03 KB
Foam Disc Pig

Bi-directional or multi-diameter foam disc pigs are suitable for all applications and uses

Foam Pig

Cost-effective single-use pigs for multiple applications and contingency operations

Foam Pigs460.29 KB
High Friction Sealing Pig

High Friction Pigs are low pressure barrier pigs for pipeline isolation and sealing applications


Polyurethane is a highly versatile, robust material that is superb for pipeline pigging wear parts

Mobile Trolley

Pig handling equipment for both offshore and onshore operations in both hydraulic and mechanical form


Pigs selection for progressive pipeline cleaning of dirty lines or lines never pigged before

Pull-Thru Brush Pig

Pigs for Riser, J-tube, I-tube, Spool and other types of mechanical pull-through application

Post-run Wheeled Pig

A unique pig design using wheeled support arms to replace the conventional guide disc setup

Outdoor Test Rig

In-house test facility to develop and test all pig designs and performance

Pig Testing597.53 KB