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To compliment the pig supply, Propipe has designed and developed the Trident range of acoustic products primarily for pig location & tracking. This new range of detection equipment uses the very latest digital technology and is designed to provide the perfect compliment to Propipe pigging equipment.

The acoustic equipment can also be integrated within other products or used to detect other acoustic technologies in an underwater environment.

The Trident range includes:

  • Low Frequency & Medium Frequency Acoustic Pingers
  • Trident 400 Digital Receiver System c/w Omni-Directional Hydrophone
  • Trident DeepBlue Digital ROV Receiver
  • Trident 410 Directional ROV Hydrophone
  • Trident PigView Software for Real-time Analysis
  • Trident Smart Pingers
ROV Hydrophone
Trident Pig Tracking Equipment
Acoustic Pingers
ROV Acoustic Receiver